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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost per credit hour for the online MS in Human Resource Development and MPA program?

For the 2019-2020 academic year, the online MS in HRD program is $1,035 per credit hour. The online MPA program is $925 per credit hour.  

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What is included in the cost of attendance for a graduate program?

In addition to calculating the tuition and book charges for an academic year, the Office of Financial Assistance also includes an allotment for living and personal expenses in the total cost of attendance.

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I am currently enrolled in a non-credit certificate program. Am I eligible for financial aid?

No.  Students must be matriculated in a graduate degree program to be eligible for federal financial aid.

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I previously borrowed federal loans for my undergraduate degree that are currently in repayment. How do I apply for an in-school deferment?

Enrollment verifications are processed by the Registrar’s Office and can be requested.

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I am a veteran eligible for VA educational benefits. How do I find information about military tuition assistance?

Information for qualifying veterans can be found on the Registrar’s webpage.

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I can’t find my email from Bisk stating my charges for the session. How can I obtain another copy of the invoice?

Students can request an additional invoice via email at A second invoice will be issued via email within 24 hours.

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Where can I sign up for e-Refund so my refund can be directly deposited into my bank account?

The e-Refund enrollment form can be found in your MyNova account.  Enter "e-refund" in the search box and then click on the "Sign-up for Direct Deposit of Refund" Tab and submit the requested information.

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I just completed the entrance counseling requirement at How will I know that Villanova University received the confirmation?

Students can view both satisfied requirements and missing documents by accessing MyNova, clicking on the Student and Financial Aid tab, then clicking on “My Eligibility.” This tab will display all completed requirements and any items that are still considered to be outstanding by the Office of Financial Assistance.

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I only want to borrow Direct Loans to cover my tuition and book charges. How can I make this change?

The Office of Financial Assistance advises students to only borrow what you need.  To make a change to your loan amount, please notify our office in writing by sending an email to Once the change has been made we will send you a letter notifying you that it has taken place.

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When do you borrow a Graduate PLUS Loan?

A Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan is available for students who have exceeded their Direct Loan lifetime eligibility.  Students who haven't exceeded this limit and have eligibility in their Cost of Attendance to borrow more than $20,500 in the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan can also request a Graduate PLUS Loan. Please view the Graduate Financing Options webpage for more information regarding applying for a Graduate PLUS Loan.


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Please contact us with any questions.

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