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International Students

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Many financial assistance opportunities exist for international students. These include merit-based scholarships, need-based grants, and private education loans.

Admission for first-year international students is need-aware, which means your family's ability to pay for your education may be a factor in your admission decision.

Merit-based funds

International freshmen students are eligible to compete for the Presidential Scholarship (valued at tuition, general fee, room, board and books for eight consecutive semesters).

Due to the high number of eligible applicants, not all students who meet the minimum criteria are offered scholarships. Furthermore, international transfer students are not eligible to be considered for merit-based financial aid.

Athletic scholarships should be pursued and arranged directly with the Athletic Department.

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Need-based funds

Freshmen international students who are applying for admissions for the Class of 2027 are welcome to apply for limited need-based financial aid, and should submit the following items by the deadline listed below:

Early Decision I Deadline: November 15, 2022

Early Action Deadline: December 1, 2022

Early Decision II & Regular Decision Deadline: January 15, 2023

  • CSS Profile for 2023-2024
    • Please note that if your legal parents do not live together, both of your parents (your custodial parent and your noncustodial parent) will need to complete a separate CSS Profile.
  • Official letter (in English and in US Dollars) from a parent(s)' employer stating gross income and value of perquisites, subsidies, and/or benefits for the 2021 calendar year*
    • *If a parent(s) are self-employed, in lieu of the official letter from the employer, you will want to submit a self-certifying letter stating gross income for the 2021 calendar year and Villanova University's Parental Asset/Liability Form.
  • Certificate of Finances, available through your Applicant Status Page, with a supporting bank letter (in English and in US Dollars)
  • Statement from your bank (in English and in US Dollars) indicating the amount of savings and checking that your parents have on deposit with the bank.  Provide this statement for each bank your family has funds deposited.

All requested documents must be submitted to the College Board Institutional Documentation (IDOC) Service, not to the Office of Financial Assistance.

Although a student applying for aid may be academically admissible, not all students will be awarded financial aid due to the limited availability of funding. In addition, all students receiving funds are expected to contribute personally toward educational and personal expenses while attending Villanova University.

Please note:

  • All Early Decision I Freshman international students will be notified of financial aid eligibility in December.
  • All Early Action and Regular Decision Freshman international students will be notified of financial aid eligibility at the beginning of April.
  • Early Decision II applications date of aid notification is March 1.
  • Recipients are required to re-apply for financial aid each year (following the steps below) by May 1.

Returning Undergraduate Students
Returning undergraduate students who were previously awarded are required to re-apply for aid each year.  Students must submit the following items by May 1:

*Upon review of the CSS Profile, additional documents may be requested.  Please monitor your MyNova account for any outstanding requirements.

Financial aid for returning students who submit their applications by the May 1 deadline will be notified of their eligibility for the 2023-2024 academic year by July 15.  Students who do not re-apply for aid by the deadline are at risk of losing all or part of their aid eligibility.

Financing Options


Through the help of Nelnet, we are proud to offer the Villanova University Tuition Payment Plan.  This is a method of paying out of pocket with monthly payments in the amount of your choice for a small fee.

Private Educational Loan Programs

International citizens may also seek private educational loans, provided a US citizen or permanent resident is willing co-sign the loan. 

Private Educational Loans are administered by private lenders and there are a variety of lending institutions that offer these student loans. The Office of Financial Assistance has selected a group of Preferred Lenders based on quality customer service, borrower benefits, and financing options.  However, if you wish to use another lender that is not on this list, you may.  As a borrower, you have the right to select any lender you choose.

ELM Select is an external webpage where you will be able to review and compare Villanova University's Preferred Lender information, and apply for private loans.

Please allow at least four weeks from the start of the application process to disbursement of funds due to numerous disclosures now required by lending institutions.

You may choose to use any lender that offers a Private Educational Loan.  You may want to contact the bank, savings and loan, or credit union with whom you do business.

  1. Students and families will need to conduct research to find the best private educational loan to suit their needs. (i.e. identifying lenders who will approve loans for non-matriculated students, certificate programs, prior balances, etc.) Students apply directly through the lenders.
  2. Once approved for an alternative loan, the Office of Financial Assistance will review the loan for school certification.  This process includes confirming enrollment and verifying the eligibility for the type of loan requested and the borrowing amount requested.
  3. Each aid applicant will receive a notice of eligibility from the Office of Financial Assistance.
  4. Loan funds will be disbursed in accordance with the disbursement schedule once all necessary paperwork has been completed.


More Information

Tuition Payment Plan
International Students may wish to consider signing up for the Tuition Payment Plan in order to disperse payments into smaller payments, instead of twice a year. Please visit the Bursar's Office for more information.

Student loans
International citizens may also seek student loans, provided a US citizen or permanent resident is willing co-sign the loan.  You can view various lenders through ELM Select.

Forms to be downloaded:

2022-2023 Academic Year

2022-2023 International Student Financial Aid Information Sheet