Junior Professional Development Requirements


Junior engineering students are required to participate in a minimum of two PD activities or events each semester and submit the required write ups. It is suggested one be a Networking or Alumni event, and the other selected from the list of approved PD activities

To ensure that  your resume is employer-ready, you are required to have an engineering faculty member sign off on it. It can be your advisor or any instructor in the College. Our goal is to help you be as well prepared as possible when seeking internships and jobs. This requirement should be completed no later than spring break.

Additionally, you are required to log-into Handshake (with your Villanova credentials) and update your profile. You will also need to complete Villanova’s On Campus Recruiting Orientation. It is critical if you are looking to apply for a job or opportunity through the Career Center and takes at most 20 minutes of your time. 

If you don’t complete this orientation and you try to apply for an opportunity in Handshake, you may get this response on some positions: 

You do not qualify for this job. Make sure that your profile is up to date.

This job requires you to meet additional special criteria set by your career center. Contact them for more information.

That means this position is part of the On Campus Recruiting program at Villanova, and although you probably do qualify for the position based on most criteria listed, you haven’t completed the OCR Orientation. Once you do complete it, you will be able to move forward with the opportunity.


Departmental PD requirements are as follows:


Fall Semester

Civil (CEE 3107)
Chemical (CHE 3931)
Computer (ECE 3450)
Electrical (ECE 3500)
Mechanical (ME 3102)


Spring Semester

Civil (CEE 3801)
Chemical (CHE 3032)
Computer (ECE 3245)
Electrical (ECE 3450)
Mechanical (ME 3333)



For more information about Career Compass, contact the Director of Professional Development and Experiential Education Frank Falcone at Frank.Falcone@Villanova.edu or 610-519-7920. 

Advisory board

Career Compass was established through consultation with an advisory board of industry leaders, alumni, faculty and students. 

The Cunningham / Ward Lecture Series in Engineering

As part of your professional development, freshman students are required and sophomores and juniors are encouraged to attend the annual Patrick J. Cunningham Jr. and Susan Ward ’80 Endowed Lecture, generally presented during National Engineers Week in February. This endowed lecture series was established by engineering alumnus Susan Ward ’80 and her husband Patrick Cunningham to offer students exposure to experts from various engineering fields and educational opportunities outside the classroom. Learn more about the Ward Lecture.