Engineering Student Council (ESC)

Engineering Student Council (ESC)

About Us

The Engineering Student Council (ESC) is a student government designed to serve as the voice of the undergraduate population of Villanova University’s College of Engineering.


The ESC strives to represent the interests of the Engineering students and address their needs by improving student life and fostering communication between students, faculty and administrators throughout the College and University community.


Members of the ESC include an elected executive board (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) as well as members of the three committees, Freshman Committee, Sophomore Committee, and Community Development.

Board Member Elections

ESC executive board members are elected each spring.

PEERS - Peers Enhancing Educational Resources for Students

A student organization providing peer mentoring to all students, with the emphasis on freshman and transitional students.

Contact Information

To learn more about College of Engineering Student Organizations, Honor Societies or PEERS, contact Gayle Doyle.

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For more information contact the Dean's Office.

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