Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Villanova Engineering majors are involved across campus in Greek life, music and theatre, varsity, intramural and club sports, and more. Closer to "home" in the College of Engineering, there are opportunities to join discipline-specific student organizations, industry associations and honor societies, as well as engineering competition teams. Joining these groups and taking part in these activities are great ways to meet new people, share ideas and learn more about a variety of engineering fields.

Honor Societies
Tau Beta Pi—all of Engineering
Omega Chi Epsilon—Chemical
Chi Epsilon—Civil
Pi Tau Sigma—Mechanical
Eta Kappa Nu—Electrical & Computer

Student Chapters of Professional/Industry Associations
AIAA—American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AICHE—American Institute of Chemical Engineers
ASCE—American Society of Civil Engineers
ASME—American Society of Mechanical Engineers
IEEE—Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
ISPE—International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers
ITE—Institute of Transportation Engineers
NSBE—National Society of Black Engineers
SASE—Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers
SHPE—Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
NSPE—National Society of Professional Engineers
SWE—Society of Women Engineers

Villanova Engineering Organizations
ESC—Engineering Student Council
EGSC—Engineering Graduate Student Council
NOVACANE—Nova Community Action by New Engineers (STEM outreach)
PEERS—Peers Enhancing Educational Resources for Students
Villanova Engineering Projects Society
Villanova Engineering Service Outreach Projects

Student Competition Teams
Chem E Car
Nova Racing / Formula SAE — Society of Automotive Engineers
Steel Bridge

PEERS - Peers Enhancing Educational Resources for Students

A student organization providing peer mentoring to all students, with the emphasis on freshman and transitional students.

Contact Information

To learn more about College of Engineering Student Organizations, Honor Societies or PEERS, contact Gayle Doyle.