Engineering Entrepreneurship Summer Institute (E2SI)

7 Weeks • 16 Credits • One Minor

Open to all majors, not just engineers or technologists, Villanova University’s Engineering Entrepreneurship Summer Institute (E2SI) challenges students to further develop their problem-solving and creative thinking skills while applying fundamental engineering principles. You’ll learn how to take your idea from paper to prototype—no technical knowledge required!

This accelerated program allows all Villanova students to earn a minor in engineering entrepreneurship through a condensed-yet-intense summer session, rather than take a series of required courses over the traditional three-year period.

Why Engineering Entrepreneurship?

The need for entrepreneurial skills is much broader than the focus on starting on a new enterprise. Employers value self-starters who take initiative, show persistence and demonstrate leadership. These entrepreneurial competencies are invaluable in any career and differentiate students from the competition.

Program Benefits

  • Gain practical, hands-on experience in many entrepreneurial activities.
  • Develop and implement solutions necessary to transform ideas into action.
  • Identify and manage risks through analysis, problem solving, creativity and flexibility.
  • Develop leadership, business and management skills to run and strengthen any enterprise.
  • Understand the principles of existing and emerging technologies and how they apply globally.
  • Submit a patent application on your idea.
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the job market.

Program Details

Tuition & Fees

Tuition: $9,950—includes all textbooks and field trips

Acceptance Deposit: $500—due within two weeks of receiving an offer of admission. The deposit is non-refundable, and will be applied toward the $9,950 tuition.

General Fee: $15—this is a University fee for the summer semester

Room and Board: Approximately $3,000—on campus housing is available through Villanova’s Office of Residence Life, though living on campus is not required.  Please contact the Office of Residence Life at (610) 519-4150 with additional questions related to campus housing and meals plans, or to register for housing.

Financial Aid: Regular financial aid is not available for E2SI. Questions concerning additional grants and loans should be addressed to the Office of Financial Assistance.  E2SI also is not eligible for tuition remission.


Deadline to register: February 25, 2019

Program dates: May 29th through July 12, 2019, with classes held Monday through Friday, from 9AM - 5PM with an hour break at noon for lunch.

July 4 Holiday: No class – Thursdsay, July 4th

Course Listings

EGEN 2100: Creativity and Innovation: (1 credit) An introduction to various methods, practices, and tools that can be effectively used to develop creative solutions to problems.

EGEN 2150: Introduction to Entrepreneurial Technologies: (3 credits)  Students will gain a working understanding of technologies of interest to entrepreneurs.

EGEN 2200: Opportunity Identification and Business Principles: (3 credits) Foundation course for moving an idea from concept to reality.

EGEN 3100: Feasibility Analysis for Entrepreneurs: (3 credits) Learn and apply techniques to prove or disprove the technical and business feasibility of product and service concepts.

EGEN 3200: Product and Service Prototyping: (3 credits) Focused on the design and construction of a proof-of-principle prototype which demonstrates a product or service. 

EGEN 4100: Market, Finance, and Venture Plan (3 credits) Students will experience the detailed steps in designing and commercializing a product. 

The curriculum in E2SI has been designed to create a unified, immersive experience for cohorts of students, so the program must be completed in a single summer (courses cannot be taken individually). Classes take place on Villanova’s campus in the Center for Engineering Education and Research (CEER), primarily CEER 104.



“I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone who is curious about how to implement their creativity, learn in a fun environment and learn a variety of important, intangible skills.”— Simon Brooks ’21 ChE

“The most valuable thing that I learned in E2SI was how to approach a problem from every possible angle and make sure that I was finding the best solution. We did endless exercises to help us expand our ways of thinking and really worked on playing off every member of our teams, using every idea.

As a psychology major, I worried that I would not really be able to keep up with the curriculum. However, there was no point where I felt unable to do the work. Of all the classes that I have taken here, this has given me the most applicable lessons for entering the work force after school.”— Isaac Elder ’19, Psychology major

“It was definitely my Entrepreneurship Minor in Engineering that helped me to stand out and create a brand for myself while looking for post-grad employment. The skills to think not only analytically but creatively and with a business sensibility are skills that not every engineer has.” — Paige Innamorato ’16 ChE