Electrical Engineering Minor


(For those students entering the minor starting the fall of 2018)

Required Courses

ECE 2530 -Analog Electronics I
(Prerequisite: ECE 2030)

ECE 2531 -Analog Electronics I Lab
(Corequisite: ECE 2530)

ECE 3530 -Analog Electronics II
(Prerequisite: ECE 2530)

ECE 3531 -Analog Electronics II Lab
(Corequisite: ECE 3530)

Choose one (1) of the following two courses:

(Prerequisites: MAT 2705 and ECE 2054 and ECE 2409)


(Prerequisites: MAT 2705 and ECE 2052 and ECE 2409)

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Mark Jupina, Director of the Electrical Engineering Minor Program.