When is the application deadline?

We are no longer accepting applications for summer 2018. We will open applications for summer 2019 in January. If you’d like to be alerted when the application process opens, please send your email address to e2si@villanova.edu.

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What are the dates of the program?

May 30, 2018 – July 10, 2018

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What is the class schedule?

Classes are held Monday through Friday, from 9AM - 5PM with an hour break at noon for lunch. There are some exceptions to this schedule, but you should plan to be in E2SI classes from 9AM-5PM every day. 

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Are there any special requirements or minimum GPA requirements for applying?

E2SI is open to any current Villanova student in good standing. 

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What is the cost for this program?

E2SI tuition is $9,950 for the 16-credit program. Tuition includes all textbooks and field trips. 

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Where is E2SI held?

Classes take place on Villanova’s campus in the CEER building, primarily CEER 104. 

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Where do E2SI students live?

On campus housing is available through Villanova’s Office for Residence Life, though living on campus is not required.  Students interested in on-campus housing for the summer must submit an application, which can be found on the housing website – https://housing.villanova.edu, available in mid-March. Students residing on campus during the summer will reside in either St. Mary’s Hall or Stanford Hall. Contact the Office of Residence Life for more details including summer rates for housing. The cost of housing and meals are not included in the tuition rate.

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Is financial aid available?

Regular financial aid is not available for E2SI. Questions concerning additional grants and loans should be addressed to the Office of Financial Assistance.  

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Is tuition remission available?

Students enrolled in E2SI are not eligible for tuition remission. 

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Can students take individual Engineering Entrepreneurship classes in the summer through E2SI?

The curriculum in E2SI has been designed to create a unified, immersive experience for cohorts of students, so students cannot take individual classes. The program must be completed in a single summer.

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How does E2SI differ from most business programs?

A business minor typically focuses on the fundamentals of business practice, including finance, marketing,  management and data analytics. E2SI teaches students how those processes work so that, as part of a team, they can successfully bring a product to market.

E2SI also differs from a business program in that it specifically looks at case histories of tech-based companies and engages students in technology-focused projects.

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Engineering Entrepreneurship


Have questions or concerns? Contact e2si@villanova.edu.


“Engineering Entrepreneurship really helped me see that I can use my education and skills to apply myself in ways that differ from the norm.” -- Tatiana DiSanti ’14 CE

“It was definitely my Entrepreneurship Minor in Engineering that helped me to stand out and create a brand for myself while looking for post-grad employment. The skills to think not only analytically but creatively and with a business sensibility are skills that not every Chemical Engineer has.”
Paige Innamorato ‘16 ChE

“The engineering entrepreneurship minor was great. Not only does it teach you about the necessary steps for starting a profitable business, but it gives you real world skills like public speaking and how to interact and network with business professionals.”
Jason Tavoletti ’16 ChE

“The engineering entrepreneurship minor is amazing. What I thought was just going to be a series of lectures on starting a business turned into a series of the most rewarding classes I have taken at Villanova. I had the opportunity to take an idea from a mere dream to completion, culminating in presenting with my team to a group of investors as a part of the Villanova Student Entrepreneurship Competition.”
Nicholas Fonzo ’16 ChE