E2SI Program Details

Tuition: $9,950

Tuition includes all textbooks and field trips. 

Acceptance Deposit: $500

Students will be asked to remit a deposit of $500 within two weeks of receiving an offer of admission. The deposit is non-refundable, and will be applied toward the $9,950 tuition.

General Fee: $15

This is a University fee for the summer semester.

Room and Board: $3,000*

On campus housing is available through Villanova’s Office of Residence Life, though living on campus is not required.  Please contact the Office of Residence Life at (610) 519-4150 with additional questions related to campus housing and meals plans, or to register for housing.

*- Approximate

Orientation: Wednesday, May 30th

July 4 Holiday: No class – Wednesday, July 4th

Last day: Tuesday, July 10th

Course Listings

EGEN 2100: Creativity and Innovation: (1 credit) An introduction to various methods, practices, and tools that can be effectively used to develop creative solutions to problems.

EGEN 2150: Introduction to Entrepreneurial Technologies: (3 credits)   Students will gain a working understanding of technologies of interest to entrepreneurs. The course will be refreshed yearly, but the initial offering is expected to include emerging technologies and day-to-day technologies. 

EGEN 2200: Opportunity Identification and Business Principles: (3 credits) Foundation course for moving an idea from concept to reality.

EGEN 3100: Feasibility Analysis for Entrepreneurs: (3 credits) Learn and apply techniques to prove or disprove the technical and business feasibility of product and service concepts.

EGEN 3200: Product and Service Prototyping: (3 credits) Focused on the design and construction of a proof-of-principle prototype which demonstrates a product or service. 

EGEN 4100: Market, Finance, and Venture Plan (3 credits) Students will experience the detailed steps in designing and commercializing a product. 

Engineering Entrepreneurship


Have questions or concerns? Contact e2si@villanova.edu.


“Engineering Entrepreneurship really helped me see that I can use my education and skills to apply myself in ways that differ from the norm.” -- Tatiana DiSanti ’14 CE

“It was definitely my Entrepreneurship Minor in Engineering that helped me to stand out and create a brand for myself while looking for post-grad employment. The skills to think not only analytically but creatively and with a business sensibility are skills that not every Chemical Engineer has.”
Paige Innamorato ‘16 ChE

“The engineering entrepreneurship minor was great. Not only does it teach you about the necessary steps for starting a profitable business, but it gives you real world skills like public speaking and how to interact and network with business professionals.”
Jason Tavoletti ’16 ChE

“The engineering entrepreneurship minor is amazing. What I thought was just going to be a series of lectures on starting a business turned into a series of the most rewarding classes I have taken at Villanova. I had the opportunity to take an idea from a mere dream to completion, culminating in presenting with my team to a group of investors as a part of the Villanova Student Entrepreneurship Competition.”
Nicholas Fonzo ’16 ChE