Five-Year BS/MS Program in Computer Engineering

Full-time Computer Engineering students have the option of applying for admission into the five-year combined Bachelor of Science/Master of Science in Computer Engineering degree program. Through the five-year program they can also pursue a BS in Computer Engineering and an MS in Cybersecurity.

A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or higher is generally considered the minimum required for consideration for admission into the combined BS/MS Program.

Typical Five-Year Plan

  • Earn a BS degree after four years of study and complete the 30-credit requirement for the MS degree with one additional year of work.
  • Complete 9 credits of graduate study during the senior year (no more than 6 credits in any semester) and complete the remaining 21 credits of graduate study over the 12-month period following the senior year.
  • All graduate courses must be taken at Villanova University.

Application Timeline

Students interested in participating in the BS/MS program should contact the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Program Advisor (currently Dr. Edward Kresch for Computer Engineering and Dr. Richard Perry for Cybersecurity) as early as possible during their undergraduate studies. Students would then formally apply to the BS/MS program by submitting a Graduate Application in the Spring semester of their junior year.


View requirements for admission.


Five-Year program leading to a Master of Sustainable Engineering

A Master of Science in Sustainable Engineering (MSSE) is a five-year option with a bachelor’s degree in any of the College’s major disciplines. Students interested in the BS/MSSE combined degree program should contact Director of Sustainable Engineering, William Lorenz.