Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory

Director: Bridget Wadzuk, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Focus: Designed to examine the properties of fluids and to conduct experiments involving both incompressible and compressible flow. The laboratory is also equipped to conduct experiments on open channel flow, centrifugal pumps and groundwater flow.

Experimental Highlights:

  • Flow rate and velocity distribution in a water pipe, which is applicable to many of the College’s service learning projects.
  • Energy equation applied to convergent/divergent flow and measurement.
  • Impulse and momentum: impact of a jet on a plate
  • Hydraulic jump in open channel flow
  • Lift and drag on a symmetrical airfoil
  • Fluid phenomena behavior, such as variations in density and viscosity.

Facility Highlights:

  • Three rigid bed, tilting hydraulic channels and one movable bed, tilting hydraulic channel
  • Air flow bench with various test apparatus
  • Two water circulating flow benches with various test apparatus
  • Centrifugal pump and impulse turbine test rig with instrumentation
  • Pipe friction circulating flow apparatus
  • Nozzle pressure distribution unit for high speed compressible air flow
  • Subsonic 20-140 fps wind tunnel
  • Cannon-Fenske viscometers

Contact Information

Dr. Bridget Wadzuk, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering