Freshman Engineering Program

Villanova Interdisciplinary Engineering and Research Experience: A Dynamic Program for Engineering Freshmen

The freshman curriculum includes courses in math, science, Christian faith and reason, and Augustinian values and culture. The two core interdisciplinary courses described below, however, are the highlight of the College of Engineering’s freshman program:  

During the first half of the fall semester, EGR 1200 will introduce you to engineering analysis, design and research using an active-learning, problem-based approach. During the second half of the fall semester, you will select one interdisciplinary engineering project on which you will be mentored by teaching and research faculty in whose fields these projects are based. Specific projects include:

 # Title Days/Times Offered
1 Artificial Kidney (PDF) M-W 1:30 to 2:45 M-W 3:00 to 4:15
2 Electric Car (PDF) M-W - 1:30-2:45 M-W - 3:00-4:15
3 SMARTBEAM (PDF) T-Th - 11:30-12:45 T-Th - 1:00-2:15
4 Humanitarian Engineering (PDF) - Video T-Th - 11:30-12:45 T-Th - 1:00-2:15
5 Robotics with MATLAB (PDF) - Video T-Th - 11:30-12:45 T-Th - 1:00-2:15
6 Biofuel-Process and Sustainability (PDF) T-Th - 11:30-12:45 T-Th - 1:00-2:15

In the spring semester of your freshman year, EGR 1205 will require you to select a different interdisciplinary engineering project on which to work. Students complete the freshman program with a seven-week educational experience in your chosen major.


Current freshmen: View the instructional video for selecting your mini-project

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