FAQs for New Freshmen

How do I get my login information for email?

You will automatically receive a tear-off mailing from UnIT (University Information Technologies) which will give you instructions on how to log into your email account.  If you lose this and do not know your email ID (example: jsmith02) or password, contact the Help Desk at 610-519-7777.

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How do I change my email password?

If you know your email password but want to change it, you can use the Self-Service Reset Password option.  If you do not know your email password, you must stop by Vasey Hall 101 to show your Wildcard in order to get your password reset.

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What is Novasis?

Novasis (Nova Student Information System) maintains all of your academic, demographic and financial information at Villanova.  You can log into Novasis using your email ID but you will need a Novasis password. If you do not know your Novasis password (different from your email password, you can reset it here by clicking on Enter Secure Novasis Area, and the link "Don't know your Novasis Pin?". This will allow you to get your Novasis password information.

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How do I get my Student ID number?

Your Student ID (Student ID example:  00654321) can be found by logging into Novasis using your email ID (email ID example: jsmith02).  This Student ID should be used on every document or reference that you would normally use for your Social Security Number.  For security reasons, Villanova does not use SSN's to identify a student.

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Where do I get a new student ID card (Wildcard)?

The Wildcard Office is located on the 1st Floor of Dougherty Hall.  You can also visit the Wildcard web site for more options for your Wildcard.  You can also change the picture on your Wildcard online, for a fee.

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I took AP courses in high school but did not request my scores be sent to Villanova. How can I have my scores reviewed for possible credit for these courses?

Our College Policy for course credit is outlined in detail on this web site.  Your score reports must be sent to Villanova University from the testing center, in order for you to receive any credit for which you may qualify.  On your AP grade report which you received in the mail, Villanova University must appear as a score recipient. We will not receive your scores unless you request it through the AP Services web site, Villanova's School Code is 2959.

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When will my academic class schedule and advisor be assigned?

Freshman class schedules are assigned by the Registrar's Office and are usually made available mid-August. Your academic advisor is assigned based on the major that you selected on your application for admission. Students may have the same advisor for all four years, unless they request a change of advisor or switch their major.

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Can engineering students minor in something outside of Engineering?

Engineering students can choose from 50 minors and concentrations offered throughout the University. In addition to the major-related minors, such as Chemistry, Computer Science, and Mechatronics, Engineering students can minor in business as well as in the humanities and social sciences.

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Is tutoring available?

Free tutoring is provided by upper class Engineering students and is available through the Dean of Engineering office as well as the engineering honor societies.

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What about software specific to engineering for my laptop?

Engineering specific software will be pre-loaded on all laptops for Freshman and Rising Juniors.  Individual software packages can be downloaded online.  Instructions for downloading these packages will be at the front desk in CEER 209 and available at http://software.villanova.edu The login is your email User ID and password.

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Where do I go for engineering software support?

Engineering students can stop by CEER 209 for assistance.

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FAQs for New Freshmen

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