FAQs for Engineering Undergraduates

FAQs for Engineering

Our Frequently Asked Questions are broken down specifically for engineering undergraduate students both prospective and current.


Undergraduate Students and Parents
(Average SAT, cost, interviews, AP credit, minors, online degree, part-time, tutoring, computers, career guidance, athletics / extra-curricular activities, change major, study abroad average class size)


  • New Freshmen
    (Login information, email ID / password, Wildcard photo ID, AP credit, class schedule / advisor, minors, tutoring, computer software)
  • Undergraduate Students and Parents
    (Dean's List, credits for class status, change name / address / email password, Novasis login, Student ID number, Wildcard, AP credit, minors, change major, B.S/M.S. program, study abroad)

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FAQs Around Campus

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