Transfer to the College of Engineering

Transfer into a Degree Program

Students currently enrolled in another college or university degree program, or students who have previously taken college courses after high school must apply for admission to enter into an undergraduate engineering degree program.

How to Apply

Application for transferring into an undergraduate degree program in the College of Engineering is processed through the Office of University Admission.

Visiting Students

Non-matriculating students who attend the Summer Sessions only (including students from other colleges and universities) may enroll in undergraduate classes without applying formally to Villanova. These students must apply through the College of Professional Studies.

Transfer into the College of Engineering from another College within Villanova

If you would like to transfer into the College of Engineering from another college within Villanova, you must send a written request to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, in the College of Engineering, asking to have your academic file reviewed for admission. Our office will then contact the college from which you wish to transfer, asking for your academic file for review.

Transfer to the College of Engineering

Parents of Undergraduates