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First-Year Student Admission

Applying as a first-year applicant is defined as a student who has not previously completed college courses, after high school graduation.


High School Requirements for an Engineering Major

Engineering majors are required to have taken Physics, Chemistry and four (4) years of Math.

How to Apply

Application for admission to the College of Engineering is processed through the Office of University Admission.

Advanced Placement Credit

Engineering students may obtain credit for college-level courses based on their high school performances on the Advanced Placement Examinations.

After being offered credit for courses that are required in the engineering curriculum, the student has two options:

  1. Not accepting the AP credit, thereby taking the corresponding Villanova course.
  2. Accepting the AP credit and taking the next Villanova course in the sequence.

Credit for all courses that are not required in the engineering curriculum will be awarded automatically.

Note: Students must list Villanova as a recipient for AP grades. No Villanova credit can be given without receipt of an official grade report sent directly from AP Services. With no exceptions, all AP score reports must be received in the College Office by the end of the student's freshman year.

View more details on AP Credit for Engineering and the policy.

First-Year Student Admission


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