MDL Reservation Policies

Single Table Reservations

Single table reservations may be made for meetings by engineering students, faculty and staff. 

Single table reservations are limited to class days between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm.  No single table reservations are permitted for Reading Days, Exam Days, Holidays, or Weekends.  No single table reservations are permitted for Friday afternoons as this time period is allocated to workshops and seminars. 

Reservations should be requested via the form on the MDL website.  Reservations should be requested by 2:00pm of the prior business day to allow time for approval and processing.  Approved reservations will be posted above the table that is assigned. 

Only the 5 main tables with monitors may be reserved.  When not reserved, they are first come, first served.  The round folding tables are always first come, first served. 

Reservations may be made as recurring for the entire semester, or just for one time use.

Table reservations are limited to 3 hours during busy times, typically weekdays after noon. 

There is a priority order that is enforced when demand exceeds capacity.  The priority order is:

  • Sponsored capstone project teams
  • Other capstone project teams
  • Other student teams and study groups
  • Faculty and staff meetings

There are times when approved reservations need to be cancelled due to special circumstances.  You will be notified as early as practical if your reservation needs to be cancelled.  If a sponsored capstone project needs a table reservation during a time when the tables are all booked, a lower priority reservation will likely be cancelled.  

Entire Room Reservations

The entire MDL may be reserved for special purposes with the approval of the MDL Director. 

Room reservations should be requested several business days prior to the requested date to allow time for approval and processing. 

Entire room reservations should be requested via the reservation form on the MDL website.

Acceptable reasons for reserving the entire MDL include workshops, board meetings, sponsor networking sessions, student club meetings, entrepreneurial competitions, program receptions, and staff parties. 

The entire room may not be reserved for study groups or other entities that exclude other engineering students from using the room for similar purposes. 

Room reservations are limited to weekdays after 6:00pm, Fridays after 12:00pm, and weekends.  Exceptions are allowed when requested by the Dean of Engineering, such as EAB meetings and Christmas parties. 

Friday afternoons are generally saved for workshops.  

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