Multidisciplinary Design Lab (MDL)

Multidisciplinary Design Lab (MDL)


The mission of the MDL is to engage undergraduate engineering students with industry through multidisciplinary real-world sponsored projects.

This is a win-win-win program:

Student Benefits:

  • Experience working on real-world, challenging projects.
  • Experience working in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Experiencing the “engineering process” from opportunity recognition, through implementation, to customer satisfaction.
  • Developing communication and collaboration skills.
  • Learning valuable lessons from experienced industry mentors.
  • Gaining confidence and self-assurance.
  • Opening doors to internships and career opportunities.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Opportunity to meet and recruit the best and brightest engineering students.
  • Opportunity to educate students and faculty in the technology specific to their business.
  • Opportunity to integrate their engineering expertise into our engineering curriculum.
  • Our students provide sponsors with fresh insights into their technology challenges.
  • Our faculty provides sponsors with high-level R&D expertise.

Villanova University Benefits:

  • Strengthens our ties with alumni and industry.
  • Advances our already high leadership position in engineering education.
  • Widens the experience base of our faculty, bringing real-world examples into the classrooms.
  • Provides our faculty and graduate students with opportunities for new research.
  • Improves our ability to attract high-caliber students and faculty to our campus.

Contact Info

George Simmons
Director, Villanova Multidisciplinary Design Laboratory
Email: George Simmons
Phone: 610-519-8762

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