How to Apply for a Service Trip

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  • Part 2 - After submitting Part 1, continue to Part 2: Short answers and Essays.
  • Part 3 - Agree to the terms through the online form.

Trip Details:

  • Fall Trips to Central America cost $1,300, trips to Tanzania and Ghana are $2,200, which covers all expenses with the exception of medical.
  • Winter Trips to Southeast Asia are $2,500, which covers all expenses with the exception of medical.
  • Spring Trips to Central America cost $1,300, trips to Southeast Asia and Madagascar are $2,500, and trips to Ghana are $2,200, which covers all expenses with the exception of medical.
  • Summer Programs include an 8 week summer internship where students get assigned in pairs to volunteer with one of our program partners. These projects receive funding support and are intended for students who are interested in being project team leaders during the following semester. Details for the summer programs are pending but usually depart during the first week of June and return the first week of August. In most cases students have to pay a portion of the travel expenses. Whereas total trip/project costs are between $3,000 and $4,000 per student, students usually receive about $2,000 of financial support.


  • Applications for Spring and Summer Programs will be accepted in the Fall Semester. 
  • All projects include a 1-credit service learning course that meets on Friday afternoons from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM for the entire semester.
  • Attendance at all class-meetings is mandatory to participate in the trip.  

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Spring Programs: 1-Credit VESL Seminar during Spring Semester with International Project Field Activities over Spring Break

Summer Programs: 1-Credit VESL Seminar during Spring Semester with 8-week International Service Learning Internship over Summer Break

Are you applying for Pay It Forward Funding?
*You must submit the Pay It Forward Application along with this complete application. Your application will not be reviewed if you select 'Yes' and do not submit the Pay It Forward Application.

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Are you working on an engineering service learning project as a part of any engineering course? 

Water, Technology, STEM, Energy


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Pay It Forward

Students who need financial assistance to participate in travel associated with engineering service learning should apply for the Pay It Forward Program. The application for this program must be submitted at the same time as your application for the service trip.

Contact with any questions.


Contact with any questions.