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Academic Support for Engineering

Academic support, offered through the College of Engineering to Engineering students, is listed below. On the right, you will find links to areas of support offered by the University.

After meeting with your course instructor, and academic advisor, if you are still struggling in a particular course you are encouraged to get assistance from a PEER during office hours, posted on the door. We can help you get a tutor for Calculus I and II, Chemistry I and II, and Physics I.  Contact Gayle Doyle with questions about tutoring.


PEERS - Office Hours

The Engineering PEERS are available Monday-Thursday 9:30-4:30 and Friday 9:30-2:30. Please see whiteboard outside office with who is in the office and what they can help with.



We offer evening tutoring Monday-Thursday generally from 6-9 pm.  This tutoring is in conjunction with PEERS and the below honor societies.  Also upperclass students may go to their respective department's honor society to find out more about receiving help in their specific area of study.

  • Tau Beta Pi (national engineering honor society) - To request a tutor: send an email to Dr. Weinstein to see if a tutor is available for the specific course.
  • Omega Chi Epsilon (national chemical engineering honor society) - To request a tutor; go to White Hall, Room 217.
  • Chi Epsilon (national civil engineering honor society) - To request a tutor: there is a Chi Epsilon mail box in 139 Tolentine.  Students can put their requests for tutors in the mail box and a representative from Chi Epsilon will get back to them in short order.
  • Eta Kappa Nu (national electrical and computer engineering honor society) - To request a tutor: All ECE students (including Freshmen) can go to 425 Tolentine Hall to find out the tutors’ office hours; tutors are paid by the ECE department and they have office hours five days a week.
  • Pi Tau Sigma (national mechanical engineering honor society) - To request a tutor: Sophomores and Juniors only should go to the ME department in Tolentine to look at the list of tutors.

Math Support

The Math Learning and Resource Center (MLRC) offers math tutoring and help with special projects. Please check their schedule for times and for more information on tutoring.

Learning Support and Study Strategies

The Office of Learning Support Services (LSS) provides a variety of services for students with various disabilities.

Writing Support

Need some extra help writing those reports? Check out the Writing Center.

Computer Support

Computer support for Engineering students is handled through the TechZone. Engineering software support is handled by the UNIT-Engineering IT group in CEER 209.