Course Overload

The individual engineering majors are comprised of appropriately sequenced course groupings referred to as “regular semester course loads. Each semester can have a different credit and course load. Students may not take more than 19 credits in a semester without approval. An overload is generally approved for a maximum of one course or four credits provided that:

  1. a freshman has permission from the office of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Normally, only second semester freshmen with a GPA of at least 3.5 are permitted to overload, or
  2. an upperclassman has approval from his adviser and chair. Normally a GPA of at least 3.0 is required in this case.

In addition to the requirements above, an overload is generally only approved for the pursuing of a minor or double major, ROTC purposes, and for adjusting schedules to accommodate study abroad if needed.

Course Overload Permission Form

Note: You must also register for the course after completing and submitting this Permission Form.

University Policies

You can view University Policies such as Attendance, Discipline, Academic Integrity, Medical Leave of Absence, Withdrawal from University, etc. on the Office of the Provost's web site or in the online University Catalog.