International Studies

International Studies

The College of Engineering, recognizing the continued changes globally in both the learning and practicing of the skills of engineering, encourages all majors to consider studying in an overseas university some time during his/her four years at Villanova. By enhancing language and communication skills, in addition to taking courses in engineering where appropriate, Villanova Engineers will strengthen their own liberal arts program so integral to a Villanova Engineering degree.

For more information contact your Department Chair or the International Studies Office, Middleton Hall, 2nd floor.

The University policy on International Studies states, in part:

“If a student enrolls in a course that is not listed on his/her Prior Approval Form, he/she must obtain the appropriate department chair’s approval via email prior to continuing in the class.”

The College strongly emphasizes this policy. Accordingly, it will not accept credits for any course taken abroad that is not pre-approved and listed on the student’s Prior Approval Form.

University Policies

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