Undergraduates Enrolling in Graduate Courses

The College of Engineering allows undergraduate students to enroll in graduate courses in compliance with the University’s policy. Students must meet the following requirements:

  • senior standing (in terms of credits, not in terms of years at Villanova),
  • minimum of 3.0 GPA,
  • appropriate approvals (advisor, course instructor, chair, and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs).

Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering students may “double-count” up to nine credits permitting some graduate courses completed as an undergraduate to be applied toward the completion of both the bachelor’s degree and the master’s degree.

Permission to Register for Engineering Graduate Course Form

University Policies

You can view University Policies such as Attendance, Discipline, Academic Integrity, Medical Leave of Absence, Withdrawal from University, etc. on the Office of the Provost's web site or in the online University Catalog.