Course Withdrawal

Engineering student requests for authorized withdrawal from a course without penalty (WX) will be granted until approximately three and a half weeks after mid-term break (view the Academic Calendar for official date).

For notification purposes, the following signatures are required for a course withdrawal during this period:

  1. If a student is requesting to withdraw from one course, only the signature of the academic advisor is needed.
  2. If an upper-class student is requesting to withdraw from two or more courses, the signatures of the academic advisor and department chairman are needed because of the larger impact on the student’s program, including the possibility of dropping into part-time student status.
  3. If a freshman engineering student is requesting to withdraw from two or more courses, the signature of the academic advisor and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs are needed because of the impact on the student’s program and the need for the student to consider college course-elsewhere rules.

After the above date, course withdrawal may be authorized only under exceptional circumstances such as serious personal or medical problems for which the student must provide documentation. The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs will decide whether or not to grant the requests based on the information supplied by the student.

Any student who leaves a course during the withdraw-without-penalty (WX) period is personally responsible for filing a completed Request for Withdrawal form (available in the department offices) and delivering it to the registrar’s office by the official deadline.

Course Drop / Add

A student may drop and/or add courses during the first five class days of a semester without incurring academic penalty or affecting the student's official transcript. A student may drop/add on-line but only with an approval code from the academic advisor and only during the drop/add period. First semester freshman do not have codes and must see their advisor to accomplish drop/add. After this period:

  1. A student cannot add any courses,
  2. A student may withdraw from a course or from courses up to the official withdrawal date. See Withdrawal from Courses above.

University Policies

You can view University Policies such as Attendance, Discipline, Academic Integrity, Medical Leave of Absence, Withdrawal from University, etc. on the Office of the Provost's web site or in the online University Catalog.

Course Withdrawals may delay a student's planned graduation date, so students should discuss the implications with their advisors.

University Withdrawal

Please see the official policy for University Withdrawal.