AP, Pre-Matriculated and International Baccalaureate Credit

If you have taken AP exams and supplied all required information on your AP registration answer sheet, your AP scores will be sent from the testing company to our Registrar's office in July. It is your responsibility to provide the testing company with full information, such as personal identification, Villanova's college code, etc. so that the AP credit administration process can be accomplished efficiently.

Credit will be added to your academic record based on the AP Credit Policy or IB Credit Policy. If you wish to decline any of your AP credit, or if you have any questions, contact Mrs. Nancy O’Connor at 610-519-4943 or nancy.oconnor@villanova.edu

With no exceptions, all AP score reports must be received in the College Office before the completion of two (2) semesters at Villanova. Also, all AP credit must be accepted and applied before the completion of two (2) semesters at Villanova.

Pre-Matriculated Credit

College-level work completed prior to high school graduation, including college courses that fulfill high school graduation requirements, may be awarded  transfer credits upon receipt of the following: (1) an official letter from the high school principal, secondary school counselor or other educational professional describing the college-level program of study; (2) an official letter from the college/university stating that the courses were taught by members of the regular faculty, open to enrollment by and graded in competition with regularly matriculated undergraduates at the college and a regular part of the normal curriculum published in the college catalog; (3) a course syllabus; and (4) an official, seal-bearing transcript from the college/university showing a grade of C or better.  Credit or advanced standing for courses taught at the high school will not be accepted.  With respect to courses taught in a distance learning format, and for other requirements, each academic program will review on a case by case basis. Each supporting document is to be sent to the Dean of Engineering.

International Baccalaureate Credit

If you have taken International Baccalaureate Higher Level (IB) exams and Villanova has received your official scores, you may receive Villanova credit.  Contact Mrs. Nancy O'Connor at 610 519-4943 to verify that your official score report has been received and processed. This must be done before the start of your studies at Villanova to receive any credit.



All pre-matriculated, AP and International Baccalaureate credit must be accepted and approved before the completion of two semesters at Villanova.


University Policies

You can view University Policies such as Attendance, Discipline, Academic Integrity, Medical Leave of Absence, Withdrawal from University, etc. on the Office of the Provost's web site or in the online University Catalog.

AP Credit Information

For easy processing of your AP Credit, put Villanova's School Code 2959 on your answer sheet at testing time.

The most efficient way for Villanova to receive your AP test scores is for you to put Villanova School Code 2959 on your answer sheet when you take the AP test.  This way, we will receive your scores electronically and you will not have to pay the testing service to have them sent to us by mail. If you wait to see your scores before sending them to Villanova, there may not be time to accommodate Calculus and Chemistry changes in your Fall schedule.

If you are not sure if you requested that Villanova receive your AP test scores, please contact the testing service to verify and/or request to have your scores mailed to us (for a fee). On your AP grade report which you received or will receive in the mail, does Villanova University appear as a score recipient? If you took AP tests and Villanova is not listed, we will not receive your scores unless you request it through the AP Services web site.