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Resources for Graduate Students

Dr. Jerry Jones
Dr. Jerry Jones

Welcome to the Graduate Engineering program at Villanova University! You have chosen wisely to pursue your master’s degree or doctorate here among a dedicated, caring faculty at one of the fastest growing engineering research programs in the country. At Villanova, we are well known for our personal attention to students and it shows in our engineering laboratories and classrooms where courses are taught by faculty who are experts and expert practitioners in their fields. Our award-winning E-Learning program will allow you to learn on campus or in distance mode; same class, same professor—and all students, those on campus and remote—have access to recorded materials.

Our innovative research is incorporated into the classroom with applications covered in each class so you can “apply tomorrow what you learned tonight.” And because Engineering has never been so multifaceted, all our programs have extensive opportunities for students to study cross-disciplinary subjects while earning their certificate or degree.

What really makes Villanova Engineering distinctive are the principals of Veritas, Unitas, and Caritas (truth, unity, and love), which create an environment that fosters exciting opportunities for learning and growth. We value and seek to empower all members of our community to develop their potential, bring their full self to the goals of the College, and engage in a community of inclusion.

I wish you the very best as you embark on your educational pathways in Engineering at Villanova!

Getting Started


Important Policies and Procedures

  • Minimum GPA and Time to Complete Degree. Graduate students are expected to maintain a ‘B’ (3.0) minimum cumulative grade point average. All requirements for the Master’s degree must be completed within seven years (in any admitted status, including non-matriculated).
  • Financial Aid. Please note that only students who have a matriculated status and who are seeking a degree are eligible for federal loans. International students and students holding a non-matriculated, special status or those pursuing certificate programs are not eligible for federal aid. Also, your status as a full-time or part-time student could be critical. Please see this link for definitions of student status. Any questions on this issue should be directed to the Financial Assistance Office at 610-519-4010 or
  • Academic Responsibility.Villanova University takes academic honesty very seriously; be sure to familiarize yourself with our policy and standards of academic integrity. Graduate students must take personal responsibility for knowing the deadlines each semester for dropping and adding courses and for withdrawing from courses, since both financial and academic penalties could be incurred.


Please visit the University’s Graduate Student Orientation webpage for presentations/information from the President’s Office, the Provost’s Office, the library, the health center, and more.

Important Healthcare Information for International Students

The healthcare system in the United States is very different than those in other countries, and private health insurance is a very important component in the U.S.

When estimating the costs of attending school in the U.S., it is important for all prospective students to include the cost of obtaining private health insurance that provides comprehensive coverage for medical care and prescription medication.

Villanova University requires all international students to provide evidence of comprehensive health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment.  Insurance coverage may either be purchased through a plan developed specifically for Villanova students or through another source, as long as the coverage that is purchased is comprehensive.

For purposes of estimating costs of attendance, the annual cost of student health insurance for international students who purchase the plan developed specifically for Villanova students is approximately $2,300, for Academic Year 2020-21.

For more information regarding the plan developed specifically for Villanova students, please refer to the Villanova University Student Health Center website.


For questions about admission or new student course registration, email