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Ahmed, Mustaki


Transport Properties of Soil-bentonite Backfills and Rain Garden Soils for Chloride and Phosphorus

Albright, Cara


Resilience Strategies for Climate, Hyrdology, and Urban Green Infrastructure

Barbis, James


A Side-by-side Water Quality Comparision of Pervious Concrete & Porous Asphalt and Investigation into the Effects of Underground Basins on Stormwater Temperature

Barr, Catherine


Water Quality Impacts of a Green Roof in Comparison to Other Land Uses

Batroney, Tom


The Implications of the First Flush Phenomenon on Infiltration BMP Design

Benford, Hans M.


Continuous Simulation of an Infiltration Trench Best Management Practice

Braga, Andrea


An Infiltration Analysis of the Villanova Porous Concrete Infiltration Basin BMP

Bryant, Seth


Modeling and Evaluation of Real-Time Controlled Green Infrastructure

Burke, Erin


An Examination of the Effect of Plant Destiny on Low Reynolds Number Flow in a Wetland

Butwill, Samantha


Analysis of a Flow Regime: Understanding the Effectiveness of the Headwaters Approach to Restoration & Investigating how an Imperfect Rain Gauge Influences

Calt, Elizabeth


Comparing the Hydrologic Performance of a Linear Cascading Bioswale Traditional Bioinfiltration in a Highly Urbanized Setting

Carambelas, Emily


Monitoring Effectiveness of SCM on Reversing Deteriorated Stream Functions in an Urban Setting

Carvajal Sanchez, Sergio


Thermal Effects of Rain Gardens at the Headwaters of the Jenkintown Creek in Pennsylvania

Chase, Maggie


The Design and Implementation of a Green Roof Shelter Research Site

Connolly, Rebecca


Temporal Rain Garden Soil Dynamics

Dean, Erika


A Hydrologic Analysis of an Infiltration Trench Best Management Practice

DelVecchio, Taylor


Evaluating Soil Type and Flow Path for the Optimal Balance of Infiltration and Evapotranspiration in Vegetated SCM’s to Achieve Maximum Volume and Pollutant Removal

Dovel, Erin


Evaluation of Stormwater Control Measures from the Micro and Macro Perspectives: Low Cost Monitoring of Nutrients in Non-Vegetated Systems and Watershed-Scale Effects of Rain Gardens

Emerson, Clay


Evaluation of Infiltration Practices as a Means to Control Stormwater Runoff

Ermilio, Jordan


Characterization Study of a Bio-Infiltration Stormwater BMP

Farnsworth, Megan


Investigation of the Hydrologic Budget within a Rain Garden

Feller, Meghan


Quantifying Evapotranspiration in Green Infrastructure: A Green Roof Case Study

Figdore, Bryce


Simulation of Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal Wastewater Solids with Competitive Aceticlastic Methanogen Model Structure

Flynn, KM


Evaluation of Green Infrastructure Practices

Forgione, Erica


The Fate and Transport of Chloride in a Constructed Stormwater Wetland

Greising, Kathryn


The Application of an Integrated Monitoring Plan on Stormwater Control  Measures

Hankins, Krista


An Integrated Monitoring Plan on Stormwater Control Measures

Hess, Amanda—thesis


Monitoring of Evapotranspiration and Infiltration in Rain Garden Designs

Hess, Amanda— dissertation


Rain Garden Evapotranspiration Accounting

Hickman, John


Evaluating the Role of Evapotranspiration in the Hydrology of Bioinfiltration and Bioretention Basins Using Weighing Lysimeters

Isaac-Ricketts, K.


A Soil Profile Characterization of a Bioinfiltration BMP

Jackson, Andrew


Exploring Surface and Subsurface Physical/Biogeochemical Pathways Within a Constructed Stormwater Wetland

Jahangiri, Humaira


An Automated Method for Delineating Drainage Areas of Green Stormwater Infrastructures using GIS

Jawando, Wuraola


Effects of Surface Termination of Boron-Doped Diamond Anodes on Oxidation of Aqueous Compounds

Jeffers, Patrick


Water Quantity Comparison of Pervious Concrete and Porous Asphalt Products for Infiltration Best Management Practices

Jones, Gerrad


A Randomization Process for Modeling Constructed Wetlands with an Optimization Example

Kugel, James


Evaluating Stream Health with a Focus on Temperature and Conductivity Data

Kwiatkowski, Michael


Water Quality Study of a Porous Concrete Infiltration Best Management Practice

Ladd, Tyler


Water Quality Study of a Porous Concrete Infiltration Basin Best Management Practice

Lee, Ryan


Modeling Infiltration in a Stormwater Control Measure Using Modified Green and AMPT

Lewellyn, Conor


A Hydrologic Evaluation of Pretreatment and Variations in Seasonal and Large Storm Performance of Infiltrating Stormwater Control Measures

Lord, Laura


Evaluation of Nitrogen Removal and Fate Within a Bioinfiltration Stormwater Control Measure

Lyons, Cara


Implementation and Evaluation of Stormwater Control Measures in Series

Machusick, Matthew


The Observed Effects of Stormwater Infiltration on Groundwater

Molina, Stephanie


A Retrospective Analysis of a Constructed Stormwater Wetlands

Montano, Valdez


Fate and Transport of Algae in a Constructed Stormwater Wetland

Muller, Tobias


Forensic Analysis of an Aged Infiltration Trench and Evaluation of its Retrofit

Nemirovsky, Evgeny


Evaporation from a Pervious Concrete Stormwater SCM: Estimating the Quantity and its Role in the Yearly Water Budget

Neptune, Ashley


Evaluating the Performance of a Constructed Stormwater Wetland as a Green Infrastructure Solution

Nichols, William


Modeling Performance of an Operational Urban Rain Garden Using HYDRUS-1D

Orebiyi, Mark


Identifying Improvement of Water Resources STEM Education across the Globe

Pittman, James


Urban Hydrology Modeling with EPA’s Stormwater Management Model (SWMM) and Analysis of Water Quality in a Newly Constructed Stormwater Wetland

Press, James


Determining the Minimum Number of Single Ring Infiltration Tests Required to Reliably Predict Performance of a Rain Garden

Prokop, Matthew


Determining the Effectiveness of the Villanova Bio-Infiltration Traffic Island in Infiltrating Annual Runoff

Rea, Matthew


Pollutant Removal Efficiency of a Stormwater Wetland BMP during Baseflow and Storm Events

Reis, Victoria


Techniques for Investigating Causes of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Underperformance and Recommendations for Rehabilitation

Rife, Sara


An Evaluation of Chloride Movement at a Rain Garden

Rindosh, Stephanie


An Analysis of Hydraulic Monitoring Equipment for Inflow and Outflow Structures in Urban SCMs

Rinker, Matthew


Evaluating Nutrient Removal and Hydraulic Efficiency in a Free Water Surface Flow Constructed Stormwater Wetland

Ryan Michael


Dynamic Green Infrastructure: Monitoring Long-term Changes and Improving Performance with Real-time Control and Machine Learning

Schmidt, Nora


Bioswale Modeling in a Transitive Urban Transportation Setting: Green Infrastructure Instrumentation, Challengees and Lessons Learned

Schneider, Dominik


Quantifying Evapotranspiration from a Green Roof Analytically

Stoolmiller, Sarah


Analysis and Modeling of Philadelphia Green Stormwater Infrastructure Curb Openings

Tokarz, Erika


Pollutant Removal Efficiency of Three Infiltration BMPs during Storm Events

Truong, Nha


Quantifying Evapotranspiration Through a Sensitivity Study of Climate Factors and Water Table Interactions for a Constructed Wetland Mesocosm

Vacca, K. - dissertation

2013 An Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Soluble Reactive Phosphorus Removal Mechanisms in Surface-Flow Constructed Stormwater Wetlands Using Soil Amendment Strategies

Vanacore, Megan


An Infiltration Model of an Underground Rock Storage Bed Infiltration BMP

Vaughn, Casey


Determining an Optimal DEM Resolution and Evaluating Low Impact Redevelopment through Field Monitoring and LIDAR

Woodruff, Greggory


Pollutant Removal Efficiency and Seasonal Variation of a Stormwater Wetland BMP

Zaremba, Gerald


Evapotranspiration Measurement and Modeling for a Green Roof System

Zukowski, Zachary


Evaluating Rain Gardens of Different Configurations and SCM Infiltration Testing Methods to Determine Rain Garden Design and Site Investigation Recommendations



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