2019 Villanova University Biennial Symposium

October 16 & 17, 2019
Stormwater Management Symposium

Building Resilience into Stormwater

Thanks to everyone who presented, moderated and attended and helped to make this Symposium the best yet.  Recordings from the symposium can be found here.  If you click the name of the presenter/author below, you can see a pdf of their presentation, Sessions with an "a" were recorded and can be viewed by clicking the session number.  PWD Commissioner Randy Hayman's presentation can be found here.

Session 1a

Lisa Senior, USGS

John Komlos, Villanova University

Andrew Reif, USGS

Session 1b

Tyler Charles, JMT

Steve Dadio, Value Engineering

Session 1c

Catherine Ellenburg, AECOM

Altje Macy, Meliora Design

Tom Graupensperger, Dewberry

Session 2a

Achira Amur, Villanova University

Kevin Selger, Gilmore and Associates

Megan Farnsworth, AECOM

Session 2b

Shirley Clark, Penn State University

Zach Ranstead, T&M Associates

Paul DeBarry, NTM

Kristin Connors, Hazen and Sawyer

Session 2c

Chuck Marshall, VF Trout Unlimited

Damon Kline, Penn Environmental & Remidiation

Laura Lord, Hazen and Sawyer

Rob Creech, Van Note Harvey

Session 3a

Hossein Hosseiny, Villanova University

Conor Lewellyn, Opti

Virginia Smith, Villanova University

Seth Bryant, Opti

Session 3b

Thomas O'Connor, EPA

Josh Weidler, WBCM

Ali Behbahani, Temple University

Session 3c

Brian Perry, Van Note Harvey

Jessica Aiello, RiverStewards Collective

Amanda Hess, Villanova University

Susan Giannantonio, NTM

Session 4a

Sara Anderson, PWD

Gerald Bright, PWD

Jason Cruz, PWD

Billy Nichols, PWD

Tyler Krechmer, JMT

Session 4b

Paul Lepard, Nave Newell

Susan Beck, Jacobs

Leah Rominger, Jacobs

Session 4c

Andrew Birmingham, JMT

Lauren McPhillips, Penn State University

Lesmes Mora Jerez, Villanova University

Rebecca Martin, Villanova University

Session 5a

Scott Brown, NTM

Kaitlin Vacca, Opti

Session 5b

Charles Dow, Stroud Center

Edward Confair, Engineering and Land Planning

Iulia Barbu, AECOM

Session 5c

John Brennan, Hazen and Sawyer

Keith Earley, Belgard Pavers

Erica Forgione, University of Maryland