Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership

The VUSP's mission is to advance the evolving field of sustainable stormwater management and to foster the development of public and private partnerships through research.

Since its inception, the VUSP has traversed a long and successful path. At present, it has several partners and members from both the private and public sectors who contribute to the direction and growth of the VUSP research.

The Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership’s Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) Research and Demonstration Park includes several types of SCMs to include a stormwater wetland, bio-infiltration and bio-retention rain gardens and swales, pervious concrete / porous asphalt installations, infiltration trenches, and a green roof.


The VUSP operations are supported by the Fluid Mechanics Lab, Soils Testing Lab and the Water Resources Teaching and Research Laboratory (WRTRL). These labs support research into the hydrologic and environmental performance of numerous on campus SCMs. Some of the tests that are carried out in the water resources lab include nitrogen, chloride and phosphorus analysis, heavy metals analysis, total dissolved and suspended solids, pH and conductivity.

On-campus stormwater control measures