Nanoengineering Multiphase/Interfacial Energy Transport Laboratory (NovaNano)

Director: Calvin Li, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Focus: A deep understanding of the fundamental principles of the novel phenomena in nanoscale, such as thermomagnetic conversion, interfacial phenomena, and multiphase mass/heat transfer, and the related applications in sustainability of energy and health care from nanoscale up to macroscale.

Research Highlights:

  • Ferromagnetic nanomaterials for thermomagnetic energy conversion.
  • Nano-to-cm hierarchical porous structures for two-phase change heat transfer.
  • Carbon nanomaterials and composites for novel thermal properties.
  • Magnetical flow separation and mixing.

Facility Highlights: Measurement apparatus and equipment for nanostructure synthesis, multiscale manufacturing, physical and chemical property calibration, and thermal transport, including:

  • Electrochemical ALD 5A automated electrochemical flow cell system
  • Lindberg/Blue M* 1500°C general-purpose tube furnaces
  • Contact Angle Goniometer M200
  • MicroMeritics Gemini VII 2390 surface area analyzer
  • MicroMeritics AutoPore IV mercury porosimeter
  • Beckman Coulter DU-640 UV/VIS scanning spectrophotometer
  • Neopix Optical Thermo-Spectrophotometer
  • High-power variable frequency electromagnetic generator
  • ND:YAG Frequency-doubled 532 nm green light laser for microPIV
  • Two-phase change heat transfer apparatus
  • XRD- D500 

Contact Information

Dr. Calvin Li, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering