Microwave Electromagnetics Laboratory

Microwave Electromagnetics Laboratory

Director: Robert Caverly, PhD, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Focus: Education and research in the radio frequency (RF) range up through X-band in the microwave regime (1-12,000 MHz).

Research Highlights:

  • Electrothermal modeling and measurements of microwave solid-state devices
  • Development of models for solid-state devices used in magnetic resonance imaging systems
  • Development of high power, high efficiency power amplifiers
  • On-wafer RFIC measurements and system design

Facility Highlights:

  • HP 8510B - 0.5-18 GHz network analyzer with HP 8514A S-parameter test set
  • HP 83630A - 26 GHz sweep oscillator
  • HP 83620A - 20 GHz oscillator
  • HP 8970A - noise figure meter
  • HP-4291B - 1-1800 MHz automated impedance analyzer
  • AR 5S1G4 – 5 Watt 0.8 – 4.2 GHz wideband power amplifier
  • Tektronix 492 - 0.01-18 GHz spectrum analyzer
  • LPKF S62 - automated board milling machine for microstrip line, antenna fabrication
  • Cascade Microtech RF probe station with 3 RF probes, 2 DC probes, RF calibration substrates


Contact Information

Dr. Robert Caverly, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering