Antenna Research Laboratory

Antenna Research Laboratory

Director: Ahmad Hoorfar, PhD, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Focus: Research, analysis, modeling, test and development efforts related to antennas, radar and high frequency electromagnetic systems.

Research Highlights:

  • Low-profile, electrically small and reconfigurable antennas.
  • Ultra-wideband antennas.
  • Metamaterial surfaces and media.
  • Through-the-wall microwave imaging.
  • Millimeter-wave scale-model measurement.
  • Design automation and optimization using evolutionary computational techniques. 

Facility Highlights:

Measurement Facilities:

  • 29’ x 27’ x 28’ anechoic chamber (compact range):
    •  ORBIT / FR Compact Range Serrated Reflector (AL-22404-AL)
    • Agilent E8364C precision network analyzer and data acquisition system, 2-50GHz
    • Agilent N5260A millimeter-wave controller with 50-75GHz waveguide heads
    • Orbit/FR 959 spectrum antenna measurement
    • Orbit/FR AL-360-1P polarization positioner and Orbit/FR 4806 controller 6 axis
    • Orbit/FR AL-4273-1 elevation over azimuth positioner
    • ORBIT / FR Near Field AL-4951-1-5.5-5.5-V Planar Scanner:
    • HP8510C network analyzer and data acquisition system, 0.75-12GHz
    • HP 85301C antenna measurement system:
    • HP 8530A microwave receiver
    • 8511B frequency converter
    • HP 83631B source (0.045-50GHz)
  • Orbit/FR 959 spectrum antenna measurement workstation
  • Orbit/FR planar scanner, 5.5ft X by 5.5ft Y by 10in Z by Roll travel


Computer Facilities and Electromagnetic CAD Tool

  • Several high performance multi-core workstations including two 16-core and 32-core servers.
  • Computational software packages include commercial electromagnetic simulators and antenna CAD tools, as well as numerical codes developed in-house.



Contact Information

Dr. Ahmad Hoorfar, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering