Cellular Biomechanics and Sport Science Laboratory

Cellular Biomechanics and Sport Science Laboratory

Director: Qianhong Wu, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Focus: Experimental, theoretical and numerical studies of multi-scale transport phenomena, including but not limited to cellular biomechanics, brain biomechanics, sports sciences, as well as the classical fluid dynamics, particularly porous media flow.

Research Highlights:


  • The pivotal role of the endothelial glycocalyx in microcirculation
  • Brain Biomechanics
  • Cardiovascular Engineering 
  • Fluid flow in bone/cartilage
  • Hemodynamics


  • Soft/super lubrication
  • Skiing mechanics
  • Sport Safety Equipment 

Fluid Dynamics:

  • Lift generation in highly compressible porous media
  • Stagnation point flow in a porous media using jet impingement technique
  • Hydrodynamics for US Navy unmanned surface vehicle (USV) control

Facility Highlights:

The Cellular Biomechanics and Sport Science Laboratory facilities include:

Fluid Dynamics Lab, featuring:

  • Porous walled cylinder piston apparatus
  • Permeability measurement apparatus
  • Soft lubrication testing bed
  • Super lubrication experiment with nano-positioning system

Cellular Biomechanics Lab, featuring:

  • Laminar fume hood
  • Incubator
  • Inverted microscope
  • Flow chambers with peristaltic pump


Contact Information

Dr. Qianhong Wu, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering