An Integrated Monitoring Plan for Stormwater Control Measures

Q: What are Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs)?
A: SCMs are structures designed for controlling runoff volumes, controlling peak flow rates, and controlling pollutants. The ability for the SCM to reach these goals is dependent on the nature of its design. SCMs are currently the application of choice for meeting stormwater regulations.

Q: How do we know the SCM is being effective in adhering to the stormwater regulations?
A: We don't and therefore need an Integrated Monitoring Plan (IMP) to  provide guidelines to maintaining and protecting the immediate and downstream watersheds.

Q: Who should use the IMP?
A: Land developers when presenting their ideas to an engineer. Engineers when designing a SCM. Contractor when constructing a SCM.

Q: How should the IMP be used?
As a supplement to the Pennsylvania SCM Manual to aid in identifying the parameters required for monitoring and how those parameters are monitored for various applications. By monitoring these parameters, the longevity of the site is increased and a general time for maintenance can be determined.