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Consolidated publications for Academic Year 2008/2009 are listed below.  Publications relevant to a particular field may be found under the corresponding Research Laboratory page:

Journal Articles 2008/09

  1. S.G. Nersesov and W.M. Haddad, “Reversibility and Poincare Recurrence in Linear Dynamical Systems,” IEEE Trans. Autom. Contr., vol. 53, no. 9, pp. 2160-2165, 2008.
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  5. S.G. Nersesov, C. Nataraj, and J.M. Avis, “Design of Finite-Time Stabilizing Controllers for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems,” Int. J. of Robust and Nonlin. Contr., vol. 19, pp. 900-918, 2009.
  6. Ashrafiuon, H., and Jala, V. R., “Robust Control of a Class of Mechanical Systems Actuated by Shape Memory Alloys,” ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, vol. 131, no. 1, January 2009, 011010.
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Book Chapters:  Academic Year 2008/09

  1. W.M. Haddad, S. G. Nersesov, and L. Du, “Finite-Time Stability for Time-Varying Nonlinear Dynamical Systems," in: Advances in Nonlinear Analysis: Theory Methods and Applications, S. Sivasundaram, J. V. Devi, Z. Drici, and F. Mcrae, Eds., Cambridge Scientific Publishers, pp. 139-150, 2009.
  2. Harsha, S. P. and Nataraj C. (2008) “Intermittent Chaotic Behavior of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) due the Rudder Frequencies and amplitudes.” Transaction of Nonlinear Science and Complexity (NSC), Vol. 4, pp 135 - 142, World Scientific publication, USA

Conference Publications:  Academic Year 2008/09

  1. J.M. Avis, S.G. Nersesov, and R. Nathan, “Energy-Based Hybrid Control for the RTAC System: Experimental Results,” Proc. Amer. Contr. Conf., pp. 3331-3336, Seattle, WA, June, 2008.
  2. W.M. Haddad, S.G. Nersesov, and L. Du, “Finite-Time Stability Theory for Time-Varying Nonlinear Dynamical Systems,” Proc. Amer. Contr. Conf., pp. 4135-4139, Seattle, WA, June, 2008.
  3. J.M. Avis, S.G. Nersesov, and R. Nathan, “Decentralized Energy-Based Hybrid Control for the Multi-RTAC System," Proc. Amer. Contr. Conf., St. Louis, MO, June, 2009, to appear.
  4. S.G. Nersesov, P. Ghorbanian, “Control Design for Multi-Vehicle Coordinated Motion. Stabilization of Closed Sets and Tracking”, Intelligent Ships Symposium VIII, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, May 2009.
  5. S. Konyk, Jr. and John Metzer, "A Vector Integration Framework for Autonomous Navigation Realization", American Society of Naval Engineers Intelligent Ship Symposium VIII,. May 2009
  6. S. Konyk, Jr., John Messick, Dorothy Kraynik and Vincent Tolotta, "Air Cushion Vehicle Navigation and Maneuvering", American Society of Naval Engineers Intelligent Ship Symposium VIII, May 2009.
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  34. Lawson J, (contributor Peyton Jones JC), “Reaction Time”, Engine Technology International, March (2009)

Patent Applications:  Academic Year 2008/09

  1. Singh P, “Superlattice solar cells and method of making superlattice solar cells”, May (2009)


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