HAVLab Research Projects

HAVLab Research

“Nonlinear Control of WM Robot’s Sparo Ducted-Fan Quadrotor,” August 2015–May 2016, funded by WM Robots, Colmar, PA.

“Autonomous Vessels Robust Path Planning, Tracking, and Control,” funded by Office of Naval Research.

HAVLab Projects


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Dr. Hashem Ashrafiuon
800 Lancaster Ave
Villanova University
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  • To conduct fundamental and applied research in the areas of nonlinear dynamics and control.
  • To apply advanced theoretical and experimental techniques to solve real world problems.
  • To promote and foster strong interdisciplinary research at Villanova capitalizing on our collegial atmosphere.
  • To aid in the educational process of our undergraduate and graduate students by encouraging and funding their involvement in the research projects.
  • To develop and transfer technology to the industry consistent with the industry's needs and vision ultimately enhancing their competitiveness.