HAVLab People

HAVLab People


Dr. Hashem Ashrafiuon, Director of CENDAC and Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Garrett Clayton, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering 
Dr. Sergey Nersesov, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. James Peyton-Jones, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

PhD Students

Michael Benson, May 2018
Karl Fetzer, May 2018
Juan Carlos Oliveros, May 2021

Master's Degree Students

Alexander Poultney, founding lab manager, '16 MSME, currently an engineer with U.S. Navy
Christopher Kennedy, '16 MSME, currently an engineer with Lockheed Martin
Isaac Rose, '16 MSME


Peiyan (Vince) Gong, '16 EE, HAVLab manager
Rohan Basuthakur, '18 ME
Carly Danek, '16 ME
Thomas Cox, '16 ME
Matthew Fracchia, '15 ME, graduate student at the University of Michigan
Kevin Kan, '19 CPE
Matthew Kerlin, '17 ME
Ryan McNulty, '16 CPE
Jonathan Picone, '16 CPE
Jeremey Rosen, '16 ME, PhD student at Johns Hopkins University
Megan Underwood, '16 CPE
Jeremey Rosen, '16 ME, PhD student at Johns Hopkins University
Megan Underwood, '16 CPE


Contact Us

Dr. Hashem Ashrafiuon
800 Lancaster Ave
Villanova University
Villanova, PA 19085


  • To conduct fundamental and applied research in the areas of nonlinear dynamics and control.
  • To apply advanced theoretical and experimental techniques to solve real world problems.
  • To promote and foster strong interdisciplinary research at Villanova capitalizing on our collegial atmosphere.
  • To aid in the educational process of our undergraduate and graduate students by encouraging and funding their involvement in the research projects.
  • To develop and transfer technology to the industry consistent with the industry's needs and vision ultimately enhancing their competitiveness.