Mission and History

CAC- An Introduction

The Mission

The mission of the Center for Advanced Communications (CAC) is to advance knowledge in the areas of Wireless Communications, Satellite Navigations, Acoustic and Ultrasound Sensing, and Radar Systems, and to facilitate the transformation of this knowledge into commercial innovations.


Founded in 1990 under the leadership of the late Joseph DiGiacomo ’58 EE, the CAC established Villanova University as a technology leader in the Delaware Valley. In partnership with industry, state and federal government, and other academic institutions, the Center has been involved in projects in the areas of sensor technology, robotics and broadband communications. In addition, the CAC has provided research and technical assistance to small firms through its association with the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

In 1991, the Center was designated a Center of Excellence for Advanced Communications by the National Science Foundation (NSF). This placed the Center in the unique position of being the only NSF research center at what was then a non-PhD granting institution.

In August 2002, Professor Moeness Amin, PhD, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, was named the CAC Director. He is credited with transforming the center into “an excellent and rare example of how to sustain and grow a research operation in a smaller university.” Read more about the CAC’s growth under Dr. Amin in  “Villanova Engineering Research Center Identified as a Model for Small Universities,” an article based on a report commissioned by the National Science Foundation.


The CAC draws, on average, $2 million in annual grant funding, and has on going collaborations with several universities, research institutes, government labs, and small, midsized, and large companies.

Our sponsors benefit from a stable base of technology expertise, access to state-of-the-art labs, economic growth and job creation, cost-effective R & D, a pool of highly qualified students, and a strategic relationship with a leader in information and communication technologies. 

The Center's Functions

The Center for Advanced Communications performs a number of functions, both within the industrial and academic community. These include:

  • Performing research and development in the areas of information technologies and sensor technologies, based on corporate and government needs.
  • Providing education and training based on the intersection between the R & D application area and the related academic discipline.
  • Supporting single- and multi-disciplinary projects to encourage knowledge transfer and transitioning into systems, and determining factors that may enable or inhibit the pertinent technologies.
  • Convening conferences and workshops to strengthen the information and communication infrastructure in the Delaware Valley and to accelerate the realization of the Center/Corporation vision in the form of knowledge and products.

Research Video

Exploring the use of radar imaging for monitoring the elderly living alone.

Contact Us

Dr. Moeness Amin
Center for Advanced Communications
Phone: 610-519-4263

Janice J. Moughan
Center Coordinator
Center for Advanced Communications
Phone: 610-519-4599

Address: 800 Lancaster Ave
Villanova University
Villanova, PA 19085

Research Activities

Research emphases of the Center for Advanced Communications encompass several aspects of advances in broadband wireless communications and RF acoustic sensing, and imaging. Some research activities include:

Sponsor Benefits

Benefits to our sponsors include a regional and stable base of technology expertise, economic growth and job creation, cost-effective R & D, a strategic relationship in Information and Communication Technologies, and a pool of highly qualified students.