Waste Heat Recovery and Reuse from Data Centers

Most electrical power delivered to a data center is dissipated as heat. Few data centers attempt to recover and reuse waste energy despite huge opportunities for energy savings and sustainability; its relatively low temperatures make it difficult.

The goal of this project is to comprehensively analyze and optimize two key methods of waste heat recovery, and produce validated computer models for use in analyzing the potential benefits, choosing the best system, and calculating and optimizing the return on investment. Ongoing research will ensure that the identified and optimized heat recovery systems can be implemented with confidence such that they will deliver the expected economic and environmental benefits.

Primary goal:

Assess all technologies available for recovery and re-use of data center dissipated energy

  • New and legacy data center designs
  • Technical and economic point of view

Waste Heat Recovery
Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems

Villanova ES2 Team Areas of Expertise
Thermal management
Electronics cooling
Fluid mechanics
Convective heat transfer
Sustainable energy technology
Multiscale systems
Computational fluid dynamics


Director: Dr. Aaron Wemhoff, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Email: aaron.wemhoff@villanova.edu 
Phone: (610) 519-8045