Energy-Aware Scheduling of Linux Servers and Synergistic Management of Workload, IT Equipment and Cooling Systems

Current and recent work on energy-aware scheduling at the server and rack levels, particularly for Linux platforms, does not exploit statically or dynamically determined job characteristics or the physical environmental conditions (such as temperatures near the vicinity of the servers/racks). The development of such job and temperature-conscious scheduling techniques at the server and rack level, are essential for the predictive and synergistic management of servers and the cooling system. This effort focuses on the development of such a scheduler, by extending an already developed scheduler to a multi-tiered version for scalability. The proposed scheduler is pro-active in nature, with overrides derived from temperature sensors located externally or in a smart rack.


Ghose and Sammakia (Binghampton University)


  • Develop verified OS infrastructures to realize predictable energy dissipation and operate servers at high energy-efficiency levels
  • Refine existing technology and prototype to enable deployment, demonstrate energy savings realized with negligible performance implications


  • Prototype system for Linux servers, control methodology and demonstration of energy savings realized in an operational data center

Energy Aware Scheduling
Energy Aware Scheduling
Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems

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Electronics cooling
Fluid mechanics
Convective heat transfer
Sustainable energy technology
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