The Benefits of Membership

The Benefits of Membership

Through our partnership with ES2, we see an opportunity to test the limits of technology in a lab environment while developing and leveraging the talents of future leaders in this very important and highly competitive field.” — Richard Craig, Director of Engineering and Operations Support, Verizon Wireless

ES2 membership offers unique industry partner benefits:

  • The opportunity to share in the Center’s strategic planning through representation on the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB).
  • Access to a shared pool of research, as well as publications, short courses, electronic systems and databases.
  • The opportunity to conduct exclusive and confidential research through one-on-one partnering.
  • Access to non-exclusive, royalty-free licenses to use or incorporate any research product or invention developed within the Center.
  • Access to laboratories, research equipment, infrastructure and expertise at Villanova University and all of the ES2 partner campuses.

Our goal as an ES2 partner is to provide a dual platform for researchers to use our digital utility center labs to innovate, test and prove theory. We are also pleased to provide a production theatre for commercial applications consequent to the work done in the lab.” — Dave Crocker, CEO, Steel ORCA


Current Research Projects

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