Research Projects


The Innovation in Robotics laboratory provides an environment in which professors and students can perform research directed towards the advancement of robotic technologies across an array of industries and applocations. Topics include rapid prototyping and automatic code generation, real-time control, path and trajectory planning and obstacle avoidance.



  1. Delaware County Keystone Innovation Grants (DCKIG), “An Intelligent Exoskeleton for Spinal and Lower Extremities Rehabilitation,” 2009
  2. Ben Franklin Institute & Event Media, Inc., “Analyses and Simulations for Aerial Camera System,” 2008
  3. Ben Franklin Institute & Easy Walking, Inc., “Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Human Walking,” 2008
  4. Ben Franklin Institute & Ablaze Systems, LLC, “Feasibility Study of an Aerial Robotic Transport System,” 2005
  5. DARPA & CTC’s NASEC, “Systems Engineering for Miniature Devices (SEMD) – Micro-Robotics Project,” 1999 - 2002