Courses Taught by Dr. Feng

    ME 2100 Statics

    Description: Vector analysis of force systems on particles and rigid bodies with particular emphasis on mathematical and physical formulation of principles underlying the solution of engineering problems; vector algebra; friction; centoids and moments of inertia.

    ME 3403 Mechanics and Design II

    Description: Design and analysis of machine elements; wear; torsion of noncircular sections; computer aided engineering; design projects.

    ME 3900 ME Laboratory II

    Description: Test of engineering materials, experiments related to basic stress analysis, thermodynamics and materials science.

    ME 5201 Introduction To Finite Element

    Description: Basic concepts of finite-element method, method of weighted residuals, 1-D axial and beam elements, 2-D stress and thermal elements, design projects via commercial codes.

    ME 7250 Nano-/Micro-scale Materials Behavior

    Description: Atomic arrangements in crystalline solids, imperfections in crystalline solids, the relationship between nano-/micro-structure and materials properties, the synthesis and behavior of nanomaterials, and the characterization at the nano-/micro-scales; demonstration labs on materials behavior at the nano-/micro-scale using X-ray diffraction, atomic force microscope, bubble raft, and nanoindenter.