Dr. Feng has established the following collaborations because of his unique expertise and facilities on nanomechanical characterization and modeling.


Dr. Daeyeon Lee at U. Penn. 

  • The synthesis and characterization of nanoparticle thin film
  • The characterization of microbubble

Dr. Dan Gianola at U. Penn.

  • The characterization of metallic thin films

Dr. Robert Carpick at U. Penn. and Dr. Frank Pfefferkorn at U. of Wisconsin-Madison

  • The characterization of Micro End Mills

Dr. Xuemei Cheng at Bryn Mawr College

  • The synthesis and characterization of nanoporous materials

Dr. Seung Min Han at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

  • The characterization of nanopillars

Dr. Amy Fleischer and Dr. Aaron Wemhoff at Villanova

  • The synthesis and characterization of nano-energy-storage materials