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Undergraduate Courses

ECE 3500
Electronic Materials & Devices
Physics of crystal structures, energy bands, Fermi level, charge carriers, the pn junction, and excess carriers. Devices: diodes, bipolar junction transistors and field effect transistors. Three lecture hours and a two-hour practicum per week. 4.00credit(s)
ECE 4970
Design Project-EE
Completion of the design project presented in ECE 3970. Requirements: written and oral progress reports, demonstration of achieved objectives, formal written final report, oral presentation. Design groups meet weekly with their instructors. Senior standing. 3.00credit(s)
ECE 4972
Design Project Report-EE
Preparation and presentation of a final written report and a formal presentation of each project team's senior design project completed in ECE 4970. 1.00credit(s)

A video of some senior design presentation can be found here or by clicking the image above.

ECE 5760
Intro to Optoelectronics
Introduction to various optoelectronic devices, including light emitting devices, photodetectors, optical modulators, solar cells and display devices. Applications to systems. 3.00credit(s)

Video of CEER Solar Panel Field Trip

A video of SEM Analysis of Microstructured Optical Fibers can be found here or by clicking the image above.


Graduate Courses

ECE 8562
Introduction to Photonics
Introduction to photonic systems. Course begins with an overview of ray, wave, and gaussian beam optics. Examples of several optical components, relavent to photonic systems, are discussed utilizing methods developed for these three optical domains. Laser concepts and technologies are next reviewed with applications in Fourier optics. Specific examples include image processing, optical correlation, and holography. Also examined are several technologies covering electro-optical, optical switches, and holographic inter- connections with applications in optical computing systems. Prerequisites: Undergraduate Electromagnetic Theory, Differential Equations 3.00credit(s)

A video of laboratory exercises for LEDs can be found here or by clicking the image above.

ECE 8562
Introduction to Photonics
(distance learning)
(Same as above)
ECE 8760
Optical Communications
Introduction to fiber and free space optical communication systems from a discrete and system perspective. Topics include : fiber optics waveguides, pulse dispersion and bandwidth computations, PIN and APD detectors. LED and LD optical sources, optical receiver designs, bit error rate estimation, and transmission link analysis. Also examined` are system requirements for space-based laser communication systems which include communication bandwidth as well as acquisition and pointing considerations. Prerequisites: Undergraduate electromagnetic theory, differential equations.

A video of Fiber connector characterization and fusion splicing can be found here or by clicking the image above.