Contract Grants


    Title: Joint Chemical Sensing with Microstructured Optical Fibers
    Funding source: U.S. Army RDECOM Agency: Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center (AMRDEC), Center for Advanced Communications (CAC)
    Award: $40,000
    Principal investigator: Rosalind Wynne

    Title: Villanova Undergraduate Reseach Fellowship
    Funding source: Center for Undergraduate Research Fellowships
    Award: $4,500
    Principal investigator: Rosalind Wynne, Mark Reimlinger (supporting)

    Title: Feasibility Study for Image Transmission Bundles
    Funding source: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)/The Johns HopkinsUniversity Applied Physics Laboratory
    Award: $90,000
    Principal investigator: Rosalind Wynne

    Title: MRI: The Core Genomics Laboratory for Teaching and Research
    Funding source: National Science Foundation
    Award: $211,811
    Principal investigator: Rosalind Wynne, Metin Duran, W.J. Kelly, and Q. Wu

    Title: Scalable Emergency Response System
    Funding source: ONR /Ablaze Development Corporation-PhaseII
    Award: $5,139
    Principal investigator: Rosalind Wynne

    Title: Chemical detector for residual gases surrounding a photocathode
    Funding source: Office of Naval Research (ONR) Naval Expeditionary Warfare Science and Technology Department
    Award: $100,000
    Principal investigator: Rosalind Wynne

    Title: Photonics Technology Access Program Award
    Funding source: DARPA /Optoelectronic Industry Development Association
    Award: $20,000
    Principal investigator: Rosalind Wynne

    Title: A Microstructure Optical Fiber Detector with multiple Solid Cores for Simultaneous Chemical and Strain Sensing 
    Funding source: The Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation 
    Award: $10,000 
    Principal investigator: Rosalind Wynne 
    % time charged: 0% FY09

    Title: MRI: The Core Genomics Laboratory for Teaching and Research Biotechnology 
    Funding source: NSF-MRI National Science Foundation- Major Research Instrumentation ProgramAward: $211,811 
    Principal investigator: Metin Duran, Qianhong Wu, Rosalind M. Wynne, William J. Kelly 
    % time charged: 0% FY08

    Title: Scalable Emergency Response System (Ablaze Development Corp. -subcontract) 
    Funding source: Office of Naval Research/ Ablaze Development Corp. (subcontract) 
    Award: $65,000 (Rosalind Wynne -subcontractor) 
    Principal investigator: Ablaze Development Corp./ C. Nataraj (Villanova University) 
    % time charged: 9% -1 month FY07/08

    Title: Research on (Evanescent) Wave Sensors for the Detection of Residual Photocathode Gases 
    Funding source: Office of Naval Research 
    Award: $100,000 
    Principal investigator: Rosalind M Wynne 
    % time charged: 17% -2 months FY05/06

    Title: Photonics Technology Access Program Award 
    Funding source: NSF/ DARPA/ OIDA 
    Award: $20,000 worth of multi-core microstructured optical fiber for sensor development 
    Principal investigator: Rosalind M Wynne 
    % time charged: N/A