The Core Genomics Laboratory for teaching and research in biotechnology (PI: M. Duran)

Applied Biosystems 7300 TF real-time PCR system
Applied Biosystems 7300 TF real-time PCR system

Sponsored by: the National Science Foundation

Duration: 2008-2009

Budget: $211,811

In 2009, Villanova University College of Engineering established a National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored Core Genomics Laboratory for Teaching and Research in Biotechnology. This is an interdisciplinary facility, serving faculty members primarily in the College of Engineering and to some degree those in other departments at Villanova. The state-of-the-art genomics instrumentation in the laboratory, provided by an NSF Major Research Instrumentation grant, includes an Applied Biosystems 7300 TF real-time PCR system for q-PCR work; a Shimadzu BioSpec-mini UV-Vis spectrophotometer and a NanodropTM optimized for rapid quantification of RNA, DNA, and proteins; two Leica epifluorescent microscopes equipped with image analysis software; an Eppendorf 5417R refrigerated high-speed mini centrifuge; a Milli-Q Biocell water purification system that supplies RNAase free water; a Beckman-Coulter Vi-CELLtm cell viability analyzer; a Shimadzu HPLC with UV-Vis detector; a sonicator for cell lysis; an ultra freezer (-85 oC); a basic freezer (-20 oC); and a crushed ice maker.