Former Members


Graduate Students 

Bilgin Taskin, PhD '11 (METU Ankara, Turkey)
"Selective Quantification of viable Escherichia coli cells in biosolids upon Propidium Monoazide Treatment by quantitative PCR"
(Co-advisor with Ayse Gul Gozen of METU Department of Biological Sciences, Ankara, Turkey)

Bryce Figdore, MS WREE '11
"Factors affecting aceticlastic methanogenesis in anaerobic digestion of municipal wastewater treatment sludges"
"Anaerobic co-digestion of biodiesel production byproducts"(Coadvisor with late Dr. Kennett R. Muske of ChE)

Albana Bega, MS WREE '09
"Effects of mixing intensity and co-digestion on performance of anaerobic biosolids digestion"

Cem Unlu, MS WREE '09
"Microbial water quality and sources of indicator microorganisms in Goose Creek"

Timur Dunaev, MS WREE '08
"Phenotypic and genotypic methods for identification of enterococcal species and implications for microbial source tracking"

Jamie R. Lefkowitz, MS WREE '07
"Changes in antibiotic resistance of Escherichia coli during activated sludge treatment of domestic wastewater"

Deniz Yurtsever, MS WREE '07
"Microbial source tracking by host-specific FAME profiles of Escherichia coli and Enterococcus isolates"

David Salas delaCruz, MS ChE '07
"Removal of hydrocarbons in urban stormwater runoff by a constructed wetland" (Co-advised by Metin Duran and Robert R. Traver of CEE and Vito L. Punzi of ChE) 

Jon Paul (Tan) Do, MS WREE '05
"Anaerobic digestion of biosolids at elevated thermophilic temperatures"

Berat Zeki Haznedaroglu, MS WREE '05
"Host specific fatty acid methyl ester profiles of indicator organisms to predict sources of microbial pollution"

Nalan Tepe, MS WREE '05
"Effects of natural enzymes and plant-based extracts on anaerobic digestion of biosolids and on odor generation"


Visiting Researchers

Ebru Ince Yilmaz, Ph.D. (Visiting Research Fellow)
Cheol Park, Ph.D. (Research Assistant Professor)
Sibel Uludag-Demirer, Ph.D. (Visiting Research Fellow) 


Undergraduate Students 

Andrew Quinn (BIO 2012)
Ian Piro (CEE 2011)
Lauren M.Glose (CEE 2011)
Sean Lukasiewicz (CEE 2011)
Brianne Puklin (CEE 2010)
Ryan Clark (Lafayette College)
David Kendall (Lafayette College)
RJ Sindelar (Lafayette College)
Kimberly Daileader (CEE '06)
Kristin Foldes (CEE '06)
George B. Hughes-Strange (Washington University in St. Louis)
Jamie Lefkowitz (CEE '06)
Rebecca Gilpin (CEE '06)
Meredith Mitchell (CEE '06)
Otto Clemente (CEE '03)
Leah Shimko (CEE '03) 

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