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Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Research

The Biomaterials and Drug Delivery lab, supervised by Dr. Noelle Comolli, is located in 216 White Hall. In our lab we try to have fun while we research the use of different polymers for either novel biomaterials or controlled release delivery vehicles. The current projects in the lab include thin films for the delivery of anti-inflammatory drugs after a spinal cord injury, novel micelles for targeting treating severe asthmatics, and functionalized nanoparticles to target breast cancer tumors.

Students in the lab focus on the synthesis and characterization of the polymers with the aid of equipment in the Core Genomics lab, and the Chemistry department. The synthesis, characterization and biocompatibility of the biomaterial designs is done right in our own lab with the addition of a new mammalian cell culture facility.

Current collaborators with the Villanova Biomaterials and Drug Delivery lab include Dr. Veronica Tom, Spinal Cord Research Institute, Drexel College of Medicine, and Reynold A. Panettieri Jr, M.D. Translational Research Labs, School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania