Biological & Environmental Systems Engineering Laboratory

Biochemical Engineering and Bioprocessing Laboratory

The Biological & Environmental Systems Engineering lab (BESEL), supervised by Dr. Zuyi (Jacky) Huang, is located in Rooms 117 and 101D White Hall . In our lab we try to develop integrated mathematical modeling and experimental techniques for complicated biological and environmental systems to combat disease-causing pathogens and optimize the design and constructability of environmentally friendly biofuels. While the BESEL lab is carrying projects lying at the intersection of Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Biology, emphasis is given to the following research areas: 1) develop systems biology approaches to investigate the metabolism of biofilm-associated pathogens, 2) optimize the design and control of microbial fuel cell (MFC) systems, 3) develop mathematical models for signaling pathways involved in human diseases, and 4) design plant-extract antimicrobial compounds to treat foodborne pathogens. 

Students in the lab focus on the investigation of novel experiment design, and model development and systems analysis methods. They are encouraged to apply the developed integrated experimental and modeling techniques to solve practical projects that solve challenging issues faced by the society in human health and environmental sustainability. The MATLAB and Fluent based models are used by students in their research. High computing performance (HPC) clusters and multiple-core workstation in the lab equip students with enough computing power in their research.